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A woman who possess wealth and wellness in all areas of her life, and is intentionally focused on living in her purpose.

Are You Ready To Walk In Your Greatness?

You deserve to live your best life and fulfill everything that you desire to become and have. Yes! it is not only possible for YOU, but necessary to achieve true happiness and peace. Your purpose is your unique offering to the world and your ticket to discovering and living an extraordinary life. Watch here.


Gourmet Vegan Cookie Treats

 “These cookies are by far the BEST vegan cookies that I've ever tasted! They are soft and very flavorful. I'd highly recommend these cookies to the Vegan who is in search of a delicious treat or the Non-Vegan who desires a natural alternative to the traditional cookies that we've become accustomed to.” - Chrissy Ricks, Milwaukee, WI


Community. Arts. Ministry.

 Who is Christian Poetics?

We are a non-profit organization with a mission to promote the Kingdom of God through the art forms of spoken word poetry, singing, dancing, and rap as we produce events focused on overall wellness and youth literacy. Our Breast Cancer Awareness Event Series HOTT Pink: Dinner & Poetry is an annual event to raise awareness of male and female breast cancer, and to support funding for local breast cancer services.